Christian Service Center
We are proud of the Christian Service Center, a local thrift store which accepts clothing donations and sells them for $1-$10 each and uses the money for local benevolence.  The Center is operated by area CP churches.

MTS: Our Seminary
We are proud of our denomination's seminary in training our future pastors at Memphis Theological Seminary.

the missions of the Pineville Cumberland Presbyterian church

Blessing Box

Our church is honored to support the needs of our local community by providing a blessing box on our church grounds.  If you have a little extra, leave some for someone in need.  If you need a little something, feel free to take from God's bounty.

church mission

We strive to love God through worship and the sharing of God's love and salvation through Jesus Christ.

our church leaders

CP Children's Home
We are proud of our denomination supported children's home in Denton, TX.

Bethel University
We are proud of our denomination supported university in McKenzie, TN.

Our church governing body, or Session, consists of five Elders elected by our congregation.  Each session member serves a three-year term and must rotate off of the session for at least one year after their term is complete.  Our current church session members are Janie JenkinsJim Mitchell, Lorne Johnson, April Killian and Terry Seay.

The Pineville Cumberland Presbyterian Church was founded in 1913 by a small group of believers.  Over 100 years later, our church family has grown, but our mission has never changed.  We serve the Lord Jesus Christ and share God's love with our community.  We welcome you to join our family of believers this Sunday.


Our church contributes to our denomination's Our United Outreach program and serves our local community through projects and missions.

Download the Cumberland Presbyterian Church Confession of Faith.

Download our 100th Anniversary Booklet.

meeting needs

Our church meets the needs of our community through service projects and supporting local ministries, such as the Calico Rock Food Room.

Camp Peniel
We are proud of Camp Peniel and the work that God is doing.

our beliefs

 These are just some of the many missions of our church.  We hope you will join us for worship on Sunday morning to learn more about our church.

Pineville Cumberland Presbyterian Church